1. Fill the bath with at least 15cm of warm water. Test the water temperature with either your wrist or elbow.

2. Get baby ready. If warm enough remove all clothing except for the nappy. If it is cool, undress each part of the body as you are ready to wash it.

Lorraine's Tip: Try singing and playing with the baby while you undress them and get them ready for the bath

3. Wrap a towel around the neck and body of the baby by crossing the towel first over one side of their body and the across the other side, so that they are in a coccoon with their arms tucked in so the whole baby is snug.


4. Cradle their head in one hand, placing your baby's back along your forearm and tuck their legs underneath your elbow. Hold the baby like you would hold a football.

Midwifes Corner:

You can bath your newborn in the kitchen sink or the laundry tub just as well as in a baby's bath. If you do choose to use the sink or tub make sure that the hot tap is well protected

Only clean the parts you can see do not try and clean inside your babies ears or nose as you may force bacteria and wax into the cavity.

5. Use a clean face cloth or cotton wool and dampen it in the water. Clean the baby's eyes wiping from the nose out. No soap is needed. Wipe around the outer ear into the creases and dry.

Lorraine's Tip: When washing your babies eyes and ears always use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each wipe

6. Add the soap-free solution to the bath water at this point or, as an alternative, lather the hair up with the baby soap and gently massage through hair. Rinse off. Place the baby back on to the work surface and dry eyes, face and hair thoroughly

7. Remove nappy. If using soap lather your hands and soap the body and legs and arms going into all the creases. If using soap free solution place baby in the bath.





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